Sunday, August 25, 2013

Butterflies and Bees

Painted Lady
Originally uploaded by Crowcombe Al.

Last year was particularly bad for Butterflies and Bees, leading to lots of doom and gloom reports about the difficulties they faced and how we could have major problems in the future. Well, I'm very glad to say that at least in our location 2013 has been excellent for both of them.

There are several Lavender bushes outside our house and everybody I speak to comments on the number of Bees on the flowers - also on the different types of Bees. When the sun is out (and that's been a lot this summer) there have been constantly 30 or 40 Bees on each bush, plus a few Butterflies.

The Butterfly population properly started with a load of Large Whites back in July and has gone from strength to strength over the past two months. Quite a mix all over the garden flowers and bushes and these have done really well this year. Two types stand out: the four or five Silver Washed Fritillaries that love the Buddleias and the large number of Gatekeepers all over the place, but mainly in the Marjoram. And of course that rare visitor, a Painted Lady, in the photo.

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