Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Early Spring

Still in March but the temperature on our Weather Station reached 22 degrees today. And I have the beginnings of a suntan - amazing ! Also a chipped tooth where I had a root canal a couple of years ago which is a pain (literally). Hey, ho. I hate Dentists but I guess I'll have to go.

Exploration visit to Bishops Lydeard today - have to take the car for an MoT and wanted to suss out the village, distance from the station etc. First pub is the Lethbridge Arms and is only 5 minutes from the station - we are going to check it out and if the food is good this will be a weekend trip with or without visitors. A short stagger back to the station. There is a Doctors a little further (so I might re-register there) and a small Co-op about 10 minutes from the station, with two garages and a Post Office on the way. Just past the Co-op is the Church which we will visit over the next few months - prepare for some Flickr photos from the graveyard !

Only curious thing is some of the stares I got on my walk. OK, I know it was me, but I was a bit surprised. Maybe it was the combination of jeans, trainers, fancy fleece and wooly hat ?? I've already been told by one of our neighbours that trainers are of "City folk".


Anonymous Charles Molar said...

Thank Crowcombe for sharing. i like "Early Spring" and wish best regards.

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