Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Such a mild winter so far although they say it will change over the next few days. It really is just like Spring - shame if it changes. And once again I have to say that the quality of light down here is just so much better than in Laleham and the best I've ever known in the UK.

So, we had some gales. At the back one fence post has gone and those either side are dodgy, but they are now braced and waiting for even warmer weather to do a proper fix (but see later!). Parts of the trellis over the Klargester that hold several clematis had detached from the wall so we trimmed the plants and screwed back the trellis and the supports.

Forecast for tomorrow is for bad gales with gusts up to around 60 mph down here. Keep your fingers crossed for the next entry!


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