Monday, November 20, 2006

An Ode to Mayonnaise

What luck!, we thought
A plate of meat!
A heavenly, carnivorous treat!

Cooked by P
To our delight
Ready for our meal, tonight.

Some spuds, a knife
Some veg, a fork
To go with that delicious pork

But lo! What kind of condiment
This lovely pork
Should complement?

The apple sauce has gone astray.
Should we be bisto kids, today?
Or mint sauce, or cranberry?
Will someone please explain to me?

What shall we smear on pork divine
To make it extra mighty fine?
A single person holds the key
To this porcine mystery!

Ah Penny, with her bright ideas
Was sitting there, with pricked up ears
Alert unto our porky plight
Knew just which sauce would be quite right.

A taste sensation, to amaze
I’m sure you will agree
For it was to eat mayonnaise,
That she incited me.

From a Northern Lass


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