Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wake up Call

In most places at times one gets woken by bird song or, like at the Abbey, by noisy gardeners. The latter begs the question why do they spend hours using a petrol blower to move leaves inefficiently from one place to another? Have brooms gone out of fashion?

They all seem strong, capable guys, but maybe it's a "litigation" issue? There is a Wisteria on the Court that has been in need of chopping for a year now but it has not been done. Why? Because the gardeners need at least 2 people around at the time, one to hold the ladder while one cuts down the plant - and possibly at least one more to catch the poor guy if he falls. All down to the guy we love to hate, John Prescott and his Working at Height Directive - the man is an arse.

Back to the subject - here one can get woken by the noise of thrushes battering hell out of snail shells on whatever flat surface comes to hand (or beak). Different.


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