Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shopping and Pubs

Now where we came from there are major Supermarkets within a couple of miles, a 7/11 about 600 yards away and the Local across the road from the 7/11 - very civilised. Here it is very different.

The nearest shop is 1.5 miles and although one could walk there, it is too far to carry much back. Also it is small and very restricted in what it offers, although as it is a Community Shop then we should use it for simple things.

There is a Co-op, a butchers, bakers and fruit and veg shop at Williton which is 6 miles away. Most of the day-to-day shopping will get done here and there are two Banks with cash machines. The Doctor is also here and, almost forgot, there is a Threshers ! For more complicated shopping there is a Tesco just this side of Taunton centre and a Sainsburys the other side near to the M5 - Tesco about 10 miles, Sainsburys 12 miles and both acceptable. There is also a Sainsburys at Bridgwater but that trip deserves its own posting at some stage.

Nearest pub is at Triscombe and is about 35 minutes walk - slightly shorter on the way back as it is mostly downhill. I did it the other day (early morning so pub was closed) and road is quite narrow in places - only had to step into the nettles twice to avoid the traffic. Note: do not wear shorts. We have been to the Carew Arms at Crowcombe on our first night here (by car) and the food was very good although the local pubs do not appear to do "bar food" which is a shame. The Exmouth beer is acceptable but not worth a 35 minute walk.

So hence the reason for a large fridge and a good freezer to allow for few visits to the shops. No doubt I will work it out in time. We are also thinking of a chest freezer in case the winters are bad - you would not want to go out on these roads if it was icy !


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