Thursday, June 29, 2006

The House

In general terms the house is what we expected, but considering the number of photos and measurements we took during one visit then that's not surprising. But it's the classic "peeling an onion" situation - there's more underneath and until you peel back a layer you don't know what to expect. In this case of course it's looking under carpets, vinyl floors, inside cupboards etc., the things it's difficult to do when you view a house.

Some of the finishing in the original build - kitchen units, utility room, conservatory - makes me want to scream. I don't do screaming (maybe I should?) so I just swear very loudly. But overall there is nothing that desperately needs to be done although I have just laid a floor in the conservatory (it had bare concrete) and am about to fit skirtings (there weren't any) and paint plaster walls (they were still bare after 8 years). The fact that the heating/water boiler stopped working a few days ago and that one of the loos just developed a leak means a little more unexpected grief.

The garden will require a lot of work in the long term for I guess two main reasons. Firstly there are loads of plants and some of them are really nice, but they need to be cut back and generally sorted out as they have taken over. The other project will be deciding what to do with the slope round the back - the garden rises 6 - 8 feet and the path will be treacherous in the wet.

Oh, I should mention the conservatory (again). The previous owner used it as a dog kennel and the door into the house is very, very, badly scratched. Hate to think what I've just covered up with the new floor?? It still smells of dog although thankfully that is slowly going - the one time in my life that I am looking forward to the smell of fresh paint.

Did I mention the conservatory? Must be getting old. If ever you have one built, make sure that there are vents/windows near the apex - the only way to let the flies out. May be the first time since childhood that I buy some flypaper.

Having just been out for a brisk walk I realise that the dog smell is still here in the house. Beginning to think we should have had the carpets cleaned before we moved in.


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