Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Early Days

The problem with moving is not the packing but the unpacking. Days are spent emptying boxes and not knowing where to put the contents, which is not helped by the lack of sensible wardrobe space - previous owner left a lot of hanging rails but they are open to the world. Another job on the list - buy and install fitted bedroom furniture. Perhaps if I don't open a box for a year then I can simply throw it away?

On the subject of throwing things away I made my first visit to the local Refuse Dump or Recycling Depot as it is more correctly termed in this part of the world. I was made to feel like a 7 year old child by the workman who explained in clear and very precise terms how I was to separate the various items of waste and place them in the appropriate container. This explains why they have a notice saying that last month 84% of the items left there were recycled - perhaps Spelthorne Council should take note. Makes a nonsense of the tip at Charlton (used in my previous existence).

And "Hooray!", because after only a few days we have delivery of the new fridge (forgotten what it was like without one), freezer, washing machine and dishwasher and I have fitted them all and they work !!


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